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No one I know wanted to be married more than I did as I was turning 24. There was a problem though: I was single. So I devised a plan. I decided that before my 25th birthday I wanted to be rejected 100 times when asking for dates. I figured that this way if I asked and she said, 'yes' then I would be happy because I had a date. But if I asked and she said, 'no' then I could find solace in the fact that I was one rejection closer to meeting my quota for the year. Of course, if I met my Ms Right while seeking my goal then the problem was solved and I was an even bigger winner.
It was quite an adventure, I asked the lady handing out pamphlets in the doorway at work, I asked the lady seated at the next table while out at a restaurant, I asked every lady I came near just because I was a winner in any case. One lesson I learned from this experiment is that anyone can get good at anything if they do it 100 times. I finally learned how to ask for a date, so I gave up on the 100 rejections project long before I reached my goal because I was never going to get to 100.

But one thing remained. I was still single...      

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