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     This site is being built out of pure necessity. The most popular personality tests on the Internet aren't accurate enough. The most common reason that people don't believe in personality patterns is that they've taken a flawed test, were given inaccurate results, and decided that psychological personality typing was no more than random, vague, all-encompassing statements that didn't describe them well. We're currently evaluating questions to solve that problem. This site has several improvements over the past personality type indicators which dramatically increase its accuracy. Here are just a few of the improvements:

    Psychologically profiled control group matched self-perceptions with actual types:
    We took hundreds of people who knew little or nothing about personality typing, profiled them individually, then had them each answer hundreds of questions so we could match their self perceptions with their actual personality types
    Variable weighting based on predictive ability:
    Unlike other tests which assume that all questions have the exact same predictive ability, we measured the predictive ability statistically to identify:
      - The numerical relative predictive ability of each question
      - Co-predictivity, we isolated which questions were actually measuring the same aspect of a trait
    User question selection: Other tests confound the results by pigeon-holing people into one choice or another when neither or both might apply or when the user might not understand the question. On this test the user ranks each question on a scale giving confusing or inapplicable questions less influence on the results than questions which strongly apply to them.
    Better questions: Everyone in this field knows people who answer the questions based on who they want to be instead of who they actually are. By using a profiled control group we were able to find questions which are more likely to fool these 'professional test takers' into producing an honest result. Basically, if people chose an answer which didn't actually apply then the question was statistically deleted in favor of ones where their answers matched their actual personality.
    25,000 Alpha Testers: We owe a tremendous debt to the alpha testers who are taking test after test after test of questions to verify the statistical distribution for each question and verify the separation ability of the final models. This test is still not in its final form, if you take this test today you will further increase the accuracy of this model.

We respect the contributions of our predecessors to the science of personality typing. Costa and McCrae's Five Factor Model, The Keirsey Temperment Sorter, the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator and others all contributed to public understanding of personality typing and brought it into social acceptance in the mainstream. This test is the next step in that effort, taking advantage of current computational abilities such as data mining, high-speed computations and the Internet. We're reinventing personality testing in an era of better technology. Once people's types can be accurately determined there are thousands of applications, from job choice to predicting which movies each person will enjoy, which will enhance people's lives in the future.

The first application of this test (after giving people accurate profiles) will be to help people find romantic chemistry. We've studied dozens of true-love couples and a phenomenally promising pattern of traits in common and different has been found. The application of that pattern to the general population will only be possible if people can be accurately typed. For more info on this project read the project history and description.

Thank you for taking a few minutes to contribute your opinions to further the science of personality typing.

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