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Latest True Love Update:

Thanks to all the people sending notes asking when the final site will be released which will use the theory from this site to create matches. First I want to tell everyone that the results from the personality test on this site have been truly phenomenal and that the final matching site should be incredibly accurate as a result of the input of so many tens of thousands of people. Second, the final matching site should be released somewhere before the end of 2005. A tremendous amount of work has gone into making this site as high-tech as possible, and it's being located on servers which will be able to handle hundreds of thousands of people at a time, all of which amounts to a lot of time necessary before the launch to coordinate all the software and hardware necessary. If you verified your email address and didn't mark to end email communication then you should get a note when the final system is released. We're *very* excited here to see all of this work finally coming together and we can't wait to see how well our matches work out, so please watch your email and try to stay single so that we can find you true love in 2005!

What's the idea here?

The purpose of this site is to create more love in the world. We've collected dozens of true love couples, couples who have been married for as much as 50 years and are still all giddy and certain that they met their soul mate, their true love. We psychologically profiled these couples and found a distinct pattern to the traits (like extroversion / introversion) which are always the same (or always opposite) in true love couples. This site is currently evaluating personality test questions to determine which ones accurately match people's self perceptions to their actual personality type. The initial screening was done on over 200 individually psychologically profiled subjects. We figured out their type and then had them answer these questions and used complex math to fit an equation through their answers to connect their self perception with their actual type. In order to extrapolate the accuracy further we're now taking answers from you and everyone you know. The site gives you a personality profile after you answer the questions and also gives you the option to comment on the accuracy of each thing we say about you. Your comments help us determine where you should've been if you were put in the wrong place, and the equations are adjusted to compensate. When the test is accurate enough (it's very close already) single people will have the option of being matched up with others who took the test and match the pattern determined by the true love couples. It's all in the name of research right now, we hope you'll at least talk on the phone and then get back to us and tell us if the equation gave someone you felt a natural connection with. What we're looking for is chemistry. We want butterflies in your stomach. Just imagine what the world would be like if there was significantly more true love. The site doesn't make money in any way, knowing that we might make a difference in the level of love in the world is enough. What we need from you is your test answers and comments, PLEASE LEAVE COMMENTS and tell us everything on your mind, particularly your evaluation of the results at the end. At the moment you pulled up this page 257335 people have registered and answered the questions. Thank you for your help and we wish you success in finding your own personal way to create more love in the world too.

What took so long?

If you answered the first set of questions on between March and October 2003 you probably wonder why it took as much as seven months to get results. The reason is that this new site had to be developed from scratch while enough testers (you and everyone else) answered the first set of questions. There needed to be thousands of responses so that very complicated computer programs could determine typical answer patterns and do very complex math to determine who you are. The test is still in development, but it now gives results which you can rate for accuracy. We figured it was better to take an extra few months and try to get things right rather than give you results right away which were totally unreliable. We really appreciate your patience. People left over 1,400 comments at the end of the test on the original site and we think we've incorporated all of them into the new site (if we didn't, feel free to pester us again).

I left without finishing a test, what do I do?

It doesn't matter if your connection dropped, the cat jumped on the keyboard or even an Internet hicup interrupted your test taking experience, you can always pick up exactly where you left off. Click 'User Login' at the top of this page (or click HERE) and use that page to login to your account and pick up from where you left off.

What happened to decoding romantic chemistry?

This part of the project is going great. Since the release of the first test more true-love couples have joined the project, more data has been collected and the pattern is stronger than ever. We will soon begin asking for volunteers to at least talk on the phone with others who the test recommends and report back on the natural chemistry to help fine-tune the matching engine. You can sign up now in the 'Settings' area of your account, you will be contacted before the end of 2005.

The primary goal of this site is still to create a tool for use in decoding romantic chemistry. A control group of true love couples has been designated and completely psychologically profiled and a pattern has been found for predicting romantic chemistry. We could apply it to the general population except that none of the current personality tests measure the correct traits with enough accuracy. Every user of this site contributes to the data pool from which we statistically find answer patterns and correlate them with important personality traits. If you help out now, while this is still being developed, you'll get free access (with a few restrictions) to the final system once it's complete and you'll also get to experience the cutting edge of romantic chemistry research. For more information on the project you can read the project history.

Are you married yet?

This is my favorite question and someone writes it at least once a week (if you don't know why someone would ask this, read the project history). No, my life is completely dedicated to this website now, I'm trying to avoid dating as much as I can until this is bringing love to the rest of the world. I could get hit by a bus and die tomorrow, so the sooner this is up the sooner the world becomes a more loving place and I can be sure that all the effort that's gone into this will pay off.

The test is WAY too looooooong!

Yes, it is. If people really knew themselves it could be a LOT shorter. The fact that people interpret words so differently and have such varied self-perceptions makes it difficult to identify a large group of traits with a small group of questions. Every effort is being taken to keep the test as short as possible, but accuracy is a higher goal for this site than brevity. The test is still in development and the final version will have only the questions which were shown to be statistically significant.

Why is this site more accurate than other online personality tests?
See the Background Page for a detailed description.

How do I suggest a question for the test?

We LOVE suggestions. Please be as descriptive as possible. For example, rather than just writing 'pets,' suggest questions like: 'Pets: Do you like exotic pets, how many pets do you have, do you like pets more than people?' The more descriptive the better. We also like your personal guess about what the answers would mean, like 'People who like pets are more/less selfish than those who don't...' Also if you can remember specific questions from the test and how you'd change them, please mention them here:


Will my comments on the test really make a difference?

Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes. Even if you have something on your mind which is unrelated to the test, let us know, we are here to make your life better. Some of the questions on the second test were chosen from stories of romance gone right or wrong sent in by users who had just completed the first test.


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